Press of Jasmin Zorlu Millinery

Many of these articles have live links!  

Hatmaker Extraordinaire Jasmin Zorlu creates Art out of Hats
KSFR radio interview
Listen HERE
August 2019

South China Morning Post Magazine
'Dressed for Drama'
February 2015

Jute Magazine
September 10, 2014: Volume XIII

San Francisco Chronicle 
'Cyclists show off their San Francisco Style'
February 28, 2014

Jean Knows Cars                       
‘The Futuristic Hats of Jasmin Zorlu’ video           
May 3, 2013

Idiosyncratic Fashionistas           
‘Night & Day: Milliner’s Guild at National Arts Club’                       
April 10, 2013

CNN iReport                                   
‘Milliners Guild at the Easter Parade’                       
March 31, 2013

O, The Oprah Magazine           
‘From the Top’ in ‘Live your Best Life’                       
March 2013

The Women’s Eye                       
‘Jasmin Zorlu’s Fabulous Hats Transform and Delight'           
December 10, 2012

‘Dreamland’ Editorial                                               
November 2012                       
‘Haute Fashion’                                                           
October 10, 2011

‘Lustables: Jasmin Zorlu’s Fish skin Cloche Hat'        
August 1, 2011

HATalk Magazine                       
‘An Interview with Jasmin Zorlu’                                   
May 2011

Wearable Art Blog                       
‘Jasmin Zorlu Millinery’                                               
February 27, 2011

U Magazine (Brazil)                       
‘The Young & Restless’ Editorial                                   
January 2011

Marie Claire (Turkey)                       
December 2010

SF Station                                   
‘Fashion for your Head’                                               
August 13, 2010

SF Station                                   
‘Original Fashion for your head’                                   
August 12, 2010

7x7 Best of the City 2010           
‘Hottest Toppers in Town’                                               
June 2010                                   
‘Jasmin Zorlu: Girl Wonder of Millinery’                       
April 14, 2010

Accessories Magazine                       
‘Headwear Association Annual Dinner’                       
April 2010

Novo Magazine                       
‘Jasmin Zorlu-Hat Designer’                                   
January 2010

‘Hatty Award winner 2009’                                   
December 30, 2009

SFIndieFashion blog                       
‘Upcycled Fashion: Bags by Jasmin’                       
December 1, 2009

American Way Magazine           
‘Mad Hatters’                                                           
November 15, 2009

SFIndieFashion blog                       
‘How do you do, Jasmin Zorlu?’                                   
August 18, 2009                                   
‘The Economics of Art’                                               
July 23, 2009

SF Weekly                                   
‘Best Hatmaker in San Francisco’                                   
May 2009

SF Bay Guardian                       
‘Been there, done that greens up youth’                       
April 28, 2009                                   
Hat life Newsletter feature                                               
March 4, 2009

SF Weekly                                   
‘Masterminds 2009 finalist’                                               
February 16, 2009

View from the Bay TV           
‘Hat Styles and Trends’                                               
October 28, 2008                                   
‘The Hat Pack’                                                           
June 3, 2008                       
‘A Milliner’                                                                       
April 2008                       
‘Hats Off’                                                                       
February 27, 2008                       
‘Hat Designer: My Gig’                                               
February 12, 2008

7x7 shopping guide                       
‘SF to go’                                                                       
Spring 2007

Makeup Gourmet TV                       
Interview for DeYoung Museum Fashion Show                                                           
May 25, 2007                       

The Hat Magazine                       
‘Buying a hat in New York City’                                   
April-June 2004

Oyster Magazine                       
‘Hats Off’, an Editorial and interview                       
Oct/Nov 2003

Accessories Magazine                       
Fashion File                                                                       
September 2003

The Hat Magazine                       
Chelsea Crafts Fair (London) Feature                                             
Jan/Feb/Mar 2003                                   
‘Forward Fashion Incubator Space’                       
August 2002

Women’s Wear Daily                       
‘Young Designers Move Forward’                       
July 25, 2002

Time Out New York                       
‘The Tete Offensive’                                                           
May 16-23, 2002

Women’s Wear Daily                       
‘The Crowning Touch’, an interview                       
January 7, 2002