Jasmin Zorlu Millinery Sculptural Headwear For Earthlings
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Studio visits by appointment in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, New York.

To see the current collection, call: 917-993-0995

Email: jzmillinery(at)gmail.com

Cash, credit cards, and paypal are welcome.


New York  
The Hat Shop
120 Thompson Street
New York, NY 10012

Mel en Stel
145 Front Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201


Materials and Fitting

Custom orders start at $250. Because everything is hand-blocked and hand-stitched, custom orders take 2-4 weeks and usually two fittings.

Sizes are available in half inch increments:

Xtra-Small 21.5", Small 22", Medium 22.5", Medium/Large 23", Large 23.5"

Please note that variations in design may occur due to the fact that all fur felt hats are freeform hand-blocked and hand-stitched. No two can ever be exactly alike.

Velour fur felt is a composite of rabbit fur and sheepswool, imported from Europe.

Fish skin leather is made from the tanned skin of fish. It is actually leather and smells like it. Furthermore, it is waterproof and strong. It's imported from Scandinavia.

Cashmere is upcycled from vintage sweaters.

Wholesale inquires are very welcome.